Innovative, Intelligent, Precise, Enterprise Business Solutions

We are an IT Company which provides high-end custom software development and consulting services for businesses of all sizes (focusing primarily on Large to Medium).

We continuously strive to utilize the latest software development platforms, tools and techniques in order to provide our clients with solutions that are ahead of the industry standard.

By focusing on business patterns and agile requirement conversion we are able to deliver small packages of results continuously. This guides us toward the perfect product to help you enhance your data storage, communication and reporting.


We approach your needs in two broad categories

  • Enterprise Data Applications
  • Customer Facing solutions, including marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Custom Solutions That Work

Our delivery approach bridges many of the best techniques, processes and tools in the industry. We use a pragmatic Agile approach, which draws from most of the key principles of the industry Agile system, but allows us to focus on the key pieces to fit a light-weight, small sized team. This process allows us to create a road-map for your project and constantly communicate with you and your team to ensure that we are delivering exactly what you need and want. You will never have to wonder what we’re creating and/or where it’s at. We use Microsoft’s Agile tracking tool (Team Foundation Server) to track and report these tasks.

Smart Group Consulting Offers 360° Solutions

Smart's core focus is around the data driven applications, and we have partnered with Campfire Media to work with customers in the customer-centric website and marketing seo arena.  Please visit their website to understand more about their offerings (

At Smart, we've had the opportunity to work with companies to help them refine applications built around their processes.  We've found a very consistent application evolution.  Most (if not all) these companies tend to follow this cycle:

  • Paper Documents and File Management
  • Excel Tracking tools (including reporting and aggregation of business pertinent data)
  • Access (or other lightweight database system)
  • And, eventually a migration to a fully relational data system with a globally accessible user interface (such as web or mobile devices) - potentially poising you for subscription sales to external customers - This arena is our key focus area.

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Data Storage / Retrieval Evolution

Tried and true, form collection and management. This is how we retained information for the past several thousand years. The limitation is retrieval.

It is possible to bridge the paper document to the electronic world by scanning and categorizing the documents in systems like Sharepoint and FileNet.

We've worked with businesses to do this, as well... Soon after the implementation, it becomes an immediate desire/need to update information (thus leading further down the path).
Excel / spreadsheet tools provide an easy way to collect, aggregate and retain information in a system similar to the business / paper process.

The issue becomes scalability and redundancy. Although you have a system that gets you to the decisions you need, now, the maintenance required tends to be quite cumbersome and often indiviually specialized.

This is hightened when the process is repetitive based on year, quarter, month or sometimes even day.
Often, companies will create a lightweight, "Instant" application using MS Access (or similar) to manage their flow. This tends to be performed by someone on staff that knows Access.

Unfortunately, after a short period of time, limitations are hit around accessibility (web / external), scalability (growing customer base), reliability (compact/repair as a short term resolution) and extensibility (growing it beyond its original scope).

There really is only one answer from here!
This is our core business focus. We can take your existing system (in whatever stage) and bring it into a scaleable, secure, reliable, enterprise data system. This allows us to create a web / mobile friendly interface that will allow you to access and manage your data the way you need and want to!

This evolution also allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies around reporting and system integration.

We have created / migrated over a hundered systems and know exactly what to look for within your process to get it right, the first time!

About Us

We Develop Enterprise Data-Driven Solutions

Our team of experienced developers build data systems and websites for most aspects of businesses, ranging in size from small start-ups (1-5 employees), to medium (small franchise restaurants, etc.) to enterprise size corporations (with hundreds of offices and thousands of employees). We have also worked in the arena of government processes (around land management and taxation). The process that we’ve recognized and refined, is what separates us from other software vendors, consultants and programmers. Simply stated, we've identified the overlapping patterns and technical requirements that allow us to re-use our core framework to deliver scalable, secure, enterprise, data driven applications with a cutting edge user interface and client-side experience. We continue to focus on enhancing the user experience whether it's your team for business administrative applications or your customers for sales and marketing sites. By leaning toward the latest technology to allow device agnostic access to your important company information from anywhere.

Web And Mobile Friendly

HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to provide the most user friendly and advanced user experience. Device Independent for ease of access anywhere.

Hosting and Reliability

We use Arvixe, Azure or internal hosting solutions (depending on your security and reliability requirements) – we help you decide what makes the most sense for your business needs, and can scale to any size.

Agile Task Management

Microsoft Team Foundation Server – Using Agile Process Templates for workflow management allows us to utilize our Pragmatic Agile approach to deliver / enhance immediately and communicate with you, real time.

Data Services

SQL Server 2012, or others depending on your requirements. We can also integrate with any other data providers (including API and SOA). We know how important protecting your data and proprietary business processes and information are. We utilize Microsoft and other 3rd party tools and techniques to guarantee security on every level.

System Integration

We can integrate with your existing data applications in multiple ways - retrieval via SOA, API or other customer interfaces. Exposing via SOA, API, direct access and/or exports.

Data Mining and Reporting

Our innovative Smart Framework provides us the ability to drill into your data to assist you in your decision making process, like no other toolset, today. We allow you get to the data you need, then export it into Word, Excel, PDF or printable page, where necessary.

We Develop Enterprise Data-Driven Solutions

At Smart, we have focused very specifically on the overlapping constructs, unique business variants and business specific work-flow/milestones that your business process includes.  We can help you/your business avoid any of the steps relevant to this evolution by taking you right to the final stage (independent of what your current processes are).  Our unique, highly evolved tool-set allows us to reuse most (if not all) of your existing data and pre-defined/programmed algorithms around your existing systems.  We have also built custom overlays over existing enterprise backend systems to allow you a more specific and friendly flow to access and manage your company's backbone data (including SAP, Commerce Server, Kronos and more).

Our Services

  • Discover
  • Consultation
  • Think of this as the initial “meet and greet” phase. We allocate as much time that is necessary to understand your ideas, goals and overall business objectives.

  • Proposal
  • After gathering all the information needed to fully understand your project goals, we provide a concrete and detailed proposal packed with creative and effective ideas to help your business achieve the desired solution.
  • Acceptance
  • Once our proposal is sent out and you have had a chance to look it over, we like to schedule a review session where we clarify certain aspects and answer any questions you may have. We want you to understand the project every step of the way.
  • Get Quote
  • Engineer
  • Planning
  • Our main objective in the initial phase is to create and provide documentation and wireframes of your solutions overall framework and functionality. Once all the solution requirements are created and approved, we move forward with the actual development.
  • Design
  • We have partnered with a leading design agency Campfire Media to design and deliver all the ideas and intricate details regarding your solutions ambiance and overall look and feel that we have discussed until now.
  • Development
  • Our highly experienced team of developers brings your solution to life. We will start with the front end development where we mark up the design files, move onto the functional and database development, and end this essential phase with our Quality Assurance team.
  • Contact Us
  • Support
  • Ongoing Support
  • Smart Group Consulting provides all our clients with unrivalled support, during and after the initial launch of your solution. We view ourselves as your development partner and view your solutions success as our primary objective.
  • Site Enhancements
  • Let our experienced team take your business to the next level by increasing your solutions functionality. We are here to grow with you.

  • Hosting
  • We use Arvixe, Azure or internal hosting solutions (depending on your security and reliability requirements) – we help you decide what makes the most sense for your business needs

  • Get Support

Smart Group Consulting has built solid, long-life systems for these arenas:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Software Sales and Distribution
  • Licensing (subscription or lifetime)
  • Online Payment Receipt (specializing in seamless PayPal Integration)
  • Accounting (including Budgeting and Accounts Receivable Summaries)
  • Quality Assurance Testing, Tracking and Reporting

  • Sales Systems - Custom solutions that fit the customer's unique and proprietary business processes
  • Integration to other backend systems (such as SAP, Kronos, Access, other SQL Server Applications, etc.)
  • Full E-Commerce Suite (including profile management, product management and sales)
  • Taxation - Notice Generation and payment receipt
  • Real Estate Asset Management - End to end (cradle to grave) - including customer facing sales site.
  • Inventory Asset Management

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